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After several years of independent research globally, NECC company (New Energy & Carbon Capture) was founded in 2020 in Romania to tacke the environment challenges by promoting alternative energy production, resource recovery from waste and wastewater and CO2 re-use.

We are motivated entrepreneurs with worldwide experience in water, wastewater and waste projects.

We set out to find sustainable alternative energy solutions and new means of carbon sequestration.


Customers & Partners

Our expertise


Feedstock characterization, storage, pretreatment and yield optimization.

Biogas/ biomethane science and engineering, green hydrogen.

Waste stabilization.

Resource recovery from waste, e.g. nutrients, sulfur, fertilizers and chemical building blocks.

Carbon capture and utilization techniques: calcium bicarbonate and blue urea.

Wastewater treatment and re-use.


Pilot plant

Pilot greenhouse

1 ha Smart hydroponics Greenhouse. Greenhouses have a high demand for CO2 and it is expected that this demand will rise even further the upcoming years due to increasingly food demand. The CO2 is used by horticulturists to increase the production of their crops. There is a great opportunity for refineries to supply CO2 to the greenhouses.

Lab pilot

Experimental setup for digestion tests for farms manure and other type of waste. In cooperation with ICECHIM.

Pilot plant

Anaerobic demo plant:
- proof of concept for alternative fertilizer production;
- environmentally friendly chemical building blocks for conventional industries;
- mobile;
- plug & play concept.